How much of your digital advertising spend is directed towards mobile devices in a world where consumers spend most of their time remote? Gather insights on mobile product, marketing and UX from over 500 senior mobile experts working across a range of industry verticals. Survey respondents represented every aspect of the mobile industry: brands, publishers, agencies, developers, telecoms, and hardware and software vendors.

Ad Coffer proudly delivers Open Mobile Media’s “State of Mobile 2017” survey, enabling our clients’ strategy and implementation to be benchmarked and calibrated against the competition, allowing you to stay fully equipped for the mobile industry waves of change.

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“How does your mobile strategy stack up against that of your peers? Are you prepared to ride the waves of change in the mobile industry or are you falling behind? This survey will give you invaluable insight into how the mobile world may evolve in next 12 months—and what you can do to succeed! We’ve also compared the results to those of last year’s survey to help you understand long-term trends as well as quick shifts.”

Open Mobile Media - State of Mobile 2017

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