Here at Ad Coffer we offer you integrated Forensiq ad fraud advanced protection services for programmatic media buying. This means you can rest assured your media investment will generate placements that are always viewable by human visitors and never waste a dime on fake traffic, hidden placements, bots, malware interactions, location spoofing, fake device emulation or user acquisition fraud.

As a prided partner, Forensiq, one of the leaders in digital advertising fraud protection has released their latest white-paper “Mobile Device Hijacking” – a must-have resource for any advertiser and a definitive guide to protecting your digital advertising investment, in a world of online fraudsters.

“As the mobile market has evolved to become a viable and valuable digital advertising channel, we are seeing an increase in nefarious tactics employed by malicious actors. The threat to advertisers continues to increase with the pervasive use of known fraud tactics including device emulation, mobile user agent spoofing, mobile location spoofing, and user acquisition fraud. In addition, the emergence of new fraud tactics not only serves to impair advertiser ROI but also impacts the consumer segment.

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Forensiq’s real-time, multivariate fraud detection platform has identified over 5,000 mobile applications that committed ad fraud. From these apps we chose several for further study, installed and ran them on phone and tablet devices, and recorded what we saw. These apps run constantly, even when not actively in use, serving thousands of invisible ads every day on a single device.”

Forensiq - Mobile Device Hijacking

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